We can't make this stuff up. 'Ice Ice Baby' rapper Vanilla Ice is still swinging from pop culture's short hairs. According to Us magazine, the former musician-turned-home-remodeling-reality-show star is becoming a pantomime.

Ice – Robert Van Winkle on all legal documents -- will portray Captain Hook in a live theatrical production of 'Peter Pan' in London. As a pantomime, Ice can only use his bodily and facial contortions and moves in order to act out the role. In that respect, pantomiming is harder than method acting, but someone across the pond really believes Ice has the chops to pull it off. Hey, maybe they are onto something over in England!

Ice will have plenty of time to practice pantomiming, as the play will run from Dec. 9 through Jan. 2 of next year at the Central Theatre in England. "Ice is a huge name who I am sure will be a real draw for parents and children alike," theater manager Tony Hill told the BBC. "He has never performed in a pantomime before, but I am sure he will go down as a hit."

Ice's most recent endeavor was 'The Vanilla Ice Project, a home remodeling show which aired on the Do-It-Yourself network last year.