'The Voice' runner up Dia Frampton is teaming up with someone other than big sis Meg on her solo debut -- a few someones, in fact! Coach Blake Shelton's favorite opening act has some surprising guests on her upcoming album.

Frampton's collaborations on her debut, 'Red,' are both numerous and eclectic. Billboard reports that Frampton claims she was lyricist "90 to 100 percent of the time," but got help from a wide range of producers and songwriters, including Isabella Summers of Florence + the Machine, Tom Shapiro, Kid Cudi, Toby Gad, Mark Pontius of Foster the People and Meg White.

Frampton released a rather unique lyric video for her collaboration with Kid Cudi, 'Don't Kick the Chair.' "It was a pleasure having Kid Cudi on this song," Dia told AOL Music. "I'm a fan of his work and also am very happy with the positive lyrics he created. This song has a dark undertone, but overall, I wanted it to be optimistic."

How did the song come about? "It started with my lyrical idea, 'Don't Kick the Chair,' since my sisters and I throw that phrase around at home when we're complaining about something when, on the other hand, it's a beautiful day outside," Frampton told AOL. "In other words, 'don't kick the chair' is another way of saying, 'don't give up,' because you can't have the highs without the lows, and there's no use in getting down about something for too long. You got to start pushing forward at some point."

While most lyric videos are just computerized text, Frampton's may well serve as the full video for the track. The lyrics begin confined to a house and are carved into wood, finger-written on windows, scrawled on wallpaper. Chairs begin on their sides, likely following a kick -- but stand upright once Frampton hits the choruses. When Cudi's verse begins, lyrics are scribbled on sneakers, shoelaces and notebook paper -- then on the floor, surrounded by seemingly dancing, gravity-defying pencils. When Frampton comes in for the next chorus, papers start to fly, a window opens and lyrics appear on telephone wires. It's simple, moving and effective -- just like the track itself.

'Red,' which includes 'Don't Kick the Chair,' hits shelves Dec. 6 on Universal Republic Records.

Watch the Dia Frampton 'Don't Kick the Chair' Lyric Video Feat. Kid Cudi