Singer JoJo got into the Christmas spirit during a recent, multi-song acoustic session. She belted out 'The Christmas Song' in addition to a handful of other tunes. It's certainly a lovely rendition, one that would pair nicely with exercises like tree-trimming, guzzling eggnog or stuffing your face with gingerbread men.

The set, taped for 'The Splash' on That Grape Juice, included her big hit 'Too Little Too Late,' the new song 'Andre' and her hit 'Demonstrate.' But JoJo really shines brightest when she hits the high notes on the warm and fuzzy holiday classic. Stripping down -- vocally, not to her skivvies -- certainly showed fans the full range of JoJo's voice, which is that of a belter who sounds far older than her 22 years (she just had a birthday on Dec. 20).

She also looks adorbs with a swipe of "right now" hot pink lipstick on her pout and her backwards cap, which kept her thick, chestnut mane of hair out of her pretty face. Check out that major statement ring on her right hand, too. That thing could cause some damage.

We also lurve when she looks at the camera and addresses it mid-song during 'Too Little Too Late.' It's like she's singing to us!

Watch JoJo Perform 'Too Little Too Late'

Watch JoJo Perform 'Andre'

Watch JoJo Perform 'Demonstrate'