As strange as it sounds, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Steven Tyler and Alice Cooper rang in the new year together in Hawaii with a cover of the Beatles' 'Come Together.' The unlikely trio came together at the Mala Wailea Restaurant in Maui

"Your Weirdness," Tyler said as Yankovic raced onto the stage. Weird Al did not break out his accordion, but he and Cooper added vocals to the song, which Tyler recorded years ago with Aerosmith. Cooper sang the second verse with the help of a lyric sheet, while a cheat sheet-free Yankovic summoned up his most fierce rock voice for verse number three.

Cooper and Weird Al were on the same bill for New Year's Eve, performing as part of a charity show with soul crooner Michael McDonald. The newly-engaged Tyler showed up as an unannounced guest for several tracks, including the unusual collaboration.

After the show, Yankovic tweeted, "Teenage Me and Present-Day Me were both insanely happy to spend New Year’s Eve with these guys. Every New Year’s Eve for the rest of my life is gonna suck."

Yankovic once parodied Tyler with 'Livin' in the Fridge,' a send-up of Aerosmith's 'Livin' on the Edge.' Al has not spoofed Alice Cooper yet, but perhaps this performance will give him the motivation he needs to tackle an old song by the shock rock legend.

Watch Weird Al Perform 'Come Together' With Steven Tyler + Alice Cooper