Musical montages are hardly unexpected at awards shows. At the Oscars and Golden Globes, in fact, they're an annual tradition.

But with television shows increasingly adapting shorter intros, and in some cases, dropping the opening theme all together, the art of the catchy TV theme song at the Emmys has been lost.

Enter 'Weird Al' Yankovic, who hilariously wrote and performed his own words to many lyric-less TV theme songs in a hilarious montage at the 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards.

Weird Al took on 'Mad Men' first, singing, "Jon Hamm's never won an Emmy / Oh who cares, he's still Jon freaking Hamm" to the show's mysterious-like tune.

For the Kerry Washington drama 'Scandal,' Weird Al sang, "Her lips are quivering / It's not because she's cold / It's because she just loves the President / Remember this guy? He was in 'Ghost'" (referencing Tony Goldwyn's role in the Patrick Swayze drama 'Ghost').

He next took on 'Homeland,' in which he took a much more literal approach in describing the scenes the opening titles, singing, "Homeland / Standing in a maze / Making out with terrorists / Beautiful woman / Ugly crying."

The next television show was the comedy 'Modern Family,' where Weird Al sang, "It's 'Modern Family'! / A babe and an old dude / A couple of gay guys / That's why it's 'Modern Family'!"

For the final number, Weird Al took on fan favorite 'Game of Thrones,' with Andy Samberg dressed as the character of King Joffrey, and several backup dancers acting as dragons. "Here comes dragons galore / And some boobs / OK / To be fair, way more boobs."

You nailed it, Weird Al! Watch the entire montage in the video above.

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