Whitney Houston's family is devastated by the leak of an open casket photo to the National Enquirer. TMZ reports that Nippy's mother, Cissy Houston, was hit the hardest by the betrayal.
The National Enquirer published the photo last week, leading to speculation as to who leaked it. There's not a very big pool of candidates, as Houston's funeral and burial were both private affairs. In addition, Houston's casket was under extremely tight security leading up to her burial last Sunday (Feb. 19).

Carolyn Whigham, the owner of the funeral parlor where Houston was laid to rest has adamantly denied any involvement in the leak, telling the Daily News, “We did not take that photo. We did not sell the photo. We would never do something like that. Whitney was a friend. I’m the one who flew to Los Angeles and got Whitney from the coroner’s office. I did everything to protect her.”

We're included to believe Whigham, considering she was at least partly behind the heavy security placed on Houston's casket. “They were there 24 hours a day. They slept there with her. She was never alone, anywhere,” Whigham said of the 10 security guards assigned to Houston's casket. “The only time security fell back was when the family had the private viewing Friday. We weren’t involved with that. The family invited its own guests.”

The family reportedly has no clue who would commit such an egregious betrayal, either -- and they don't want to know. TMZ reports that the Houston family is deeply hurt and disturbed by the breach in trust, but that they don't plan on investigating the matter any further.

We're confident that karma will take care of the guilty party. Our thoughts are with Houston's family -- and our displeasure is with the Enquirer for publishing the photo at all.