When will.i.am's car was stolen at a promo party earlier this summer, something more valuable was thefted -- his laptop, which contained his new album '#willpower.' Since the thieves began leaking tracks from the solo platter, originally due out Oct. 15, the rapper/producer has been left with no choice but to craft new songs and push the album back.

A new release date has yet to be revealed, but will did tweet that he will provide us with updates once he figures it out. He is clearly not a happy camper and his car getting jacked wasn't a publicity stunt.

While some industry hawks might wonder if this release date change has something to do with the fact that the album's singles, 'T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)' and 'Reach for the Stars,' have made little impact, at least on the radio front, we doubt that's the case. We think it's simply because of the leaks, which can be damaging to record sales. If anything, the only bright side to this drama is that will gets to flex his creative muscles and fans get more songs.

Below is will's tweet explaining that his album will not land on Oct. 15.

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