After months of speculation, Wiz Khalifa has finally revealed the meaning behind the acronymous title of his second album 'O.N.I.F.C.,' which is the follow-up to his platinum-selling debut 'Rolling Papers.' The title stands for "Only N---a in First Class" and it was inspired by New York rapper Prodigy's 2000 album 'H.N.I.C.'

"When he dropped that, I felt like that sounded so strong," Wizzy said, breaking down the album's title to Sway on Shade 45 (via MTV News). According to Wiz, being young, black and rich has its many pleasures, but it also comes with mortifying experiences of racism, especially, on first-class airplane flights.

"It looks crazy to them when I walk up to them and show them my ticket or I'm going in priority seating, They're like 'You're sure?'" he says. "It's a good feeling and then it's like a bad feeling because it's like, 'Damn, why do you feel like that about me."

For those who are not comfortable with the N-word, there is a cleaner version of the album called 'One Night in First Class.' Nevertheless, the explicit title has a greater purpose for Wiz as he plans to detail how his life has changed -- for better and for worse -- now that he's a bankable rapper.

The 'Black and Yellow' artist wouldn't revealed who's appearing on the album, however, he's been updating his fans on Twitter throughout the recording process. Wiz also collaborated with veteran hitmaker Pharrell Williams on the album, as well. "I worked with a lot of different people on this one, but I kept the sound really consistent," he said. "I made sure everybody that I worked with and everything that I did, they all came to my world with it."

Watch Wiz Khalifa Reveal the Meaning Behind 'O.N.I.F.C' Album Title

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