A 30-year-old woman on Reddit is fed up with her 26-year-old boyfriend who won't stop talking about the amount of sexual partners she had in the past.

"He’s insanely insecure. He was cheated on before, his mom cheated on his dad, it’s a whole thing. I've tried to work with him on this, but I just don’t think I can anymore. Ran into my ex from 15 years ago at dinner once, the night ended in a fight for no damn reason other than he saw my first ex," she wrote on Reddit.

"[He] has asked about my past partners and actually says he’s judging me. I said I could ask about yours but I just don’t give a s--t about what you did before you knew me," she continued.

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The woman's boyfriend, who she's only been dating for a few months, recently asked if she ever "hooked up" with any of her brother's friends. Since she didn't want to lie, she told him that she did — with a family friend she's known for 20 years.

"[He] said again he’s judging me for having a one-night stand and for hooking up with my brother's friend. No one else cares about this (including my brother) except for my current boyfriend whom I didn’t know at the time," she recalled. "He said, 'You were having one-night stands at 30 years old, seriously?'"

The comment infuriated her, so she asked him to leave.

"Apparently 30 is too old to be having sex according to this guy. Is this insecurity normal? I’ve never dated a guy this insecure in my life, but friends say they’ve known guys to be like this. Can he change? Or is he a lost cause?" she asked Reddit.

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Users in the comments section encouraged her to consider leaving her boyfriend.

"This is way too much BS to put up with after only a couple of months," one person wrote.

"Get away from this guy, he sucks. Age has nothing to do with it, there are plenty of younger men who would not act like this with you," another wrote.

"He's toxic. Run! And be grateful you found out sooner rather than later," someone else weighed in.

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