A woman on Reddit is opening up about the time that she was ghosted in the middle of the date.

In her post, the woman uses the fake name of Ally and shared that she likes to travel to different places solo. On one of her trips she met a guy and they ended up going on a date together.

"Hi guys! My name is Ally (fake name) and I am a 20 year old girl who does solo travel. I’m currently in Mexico. I ended up going on Tinder and matched with a really cute boy named Zach (yep. real name!) We’d been chatting and eventually decided to meet up to hangout and basically just hookup. We were about 0.6 miles away from each other and so we decided to meet in the middle. We ended up meeting up, chatting and then walking to a nearby cabana to chat," he post begins.

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However, that is when things went wrong on the date.

"He said he had to pee and I asked if he needed a light but he said he was good. I was waiting in the cabana and I deadass check my phone and not even 5 minutes later I am blocked from tinder and Snapchat and he was gone! I know I am not a catfish as I simply do not know how to edit photos and my tinder photos are very recent. I’m struggling and feeling really insecure right now. I am coming out of a 2 year relationship so that stung a bit," she continued.

Ally ended her post questioning why Zach would ghost her like that in the middle of the date and shared that the only topics they talked about were their families and where they were from.

People in the comments section shared their take on the situation.

"He's saving you from ruining yourself with hookup culture," one person said.

"We're not him so we can't give you the answers you want," read another comment.

"Something about you completely turned him off," another Reddit user shared.

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