A 24-year-old woman drew criticism on Reddit after revealing she slept with her best friend's 58-year-old dad, who is married.

"I have been working for her father for several years since he taught me a lot about the business, because it has to do with what I am studying. And the truth is that we always had a friendly relationship until a few months ago [when] he started talking to me about sex out of the blue. He started telling me about his wife and how she asked him to look for other women because she no longer wants to be intimate with him, that he told her that he wanted to get divorced then and she refused because she didn't want to ruin her reputation," the woman explained.

"I'm not gonna go into details because the only thing that matters is that I ended up sleeping with him, and I've been doing it for the last four months," she continued on Reddit, adding that the "guilt" is now eating her alive.

"[My friend] asked me if I knew if her dad was seeing someone else because he visited their 'weekend house' at least twenty times in the last month. And I was about to tell her the truth but I couldn't because I knew she would hate me for the rest of our lives, so I lied to her and told her I didn't know," she shared.

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A few days later, her friend told her she was certain "her dad has a mistress because she checked his email and saw that her dad bought a necklace that her mom never received and that she knows is not for her mom because she hates jewelry that isn't extravagant and expensive."

"I froze because he gave me that necklace and I've been wearing it ever since and she saw it but I don't know if she remembers it. And with that I know that I have to tell her as soon as possible because sooner or later she is going to find out," the woman wrote.

When she confronted her friend's dad, he claimed that his wife knows about their affair and that they will talk to their daughter together to explain they have fallen in love and want to be together.

"But that doesn't mean she's going to feel okay about the fact that someone else is me. Should I wait for her parents to talk to her or should I talk to her first and tell her myself?" she concluded her post, asking Reddit for advice.

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Users in the comments torched the woman, with many calling her a horrible friend.

"I mean either way you'll be dead to her when she finds out. I also highly doubt his wife knows. Especially if she's asking around about a necklace he bought but didn't give to her. If she knew he was seeing someone else she would automatically assume it was for his mistress. She wouldn't go asking around about who he gave it to," one person wrote.

"Girl. First, he probably lied to you and his wife did not say that. Second, your friend will never forgive you. You helped her dad cheat. Not only that, but he’s absolutely disgusting to hook up with someone his daughter's age. Her friend. Honestly, you really need to reevaluate your life. You’re not a good friend and you’re incredibly naïve, another user chimed in.

"Wow, you are actually a pretty bad person to have done this. You are an adult and you knew the consequences. The dad is a horrible human being, more than you but you are a very bad friend. I would do the humane thing and ruin the dad's life to be honest and this is coming from a guy. You have forever lost your friend now, congrats on the consequences ... I hope you learn from them," someone else commented.

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