A woman on Reddit is ready to leave her marriage after her husband drunkenly kissed her sister-in-law.

"This is so messy. My husband kissed my brother’s wife two nights ago while both were incredibly intoxicated. My brother is (was) my husband’s best friend. My husband also works for my brother. We’ve been married 4 years but together 9 years," she wrote.

The woman shared that her 11-year-old niece "caught them mid-kiss," and she doesn't know "if things would have gone further if they hadn’t been caught."

"He [brother] is inclined to believe that this was a one time screw up. I don’t know what to believe. My husband cheated early on in our relationship, about a year in. We worked through it but now I feel so stupid and wonder if he is just a cheater and this is his pattern," the woman continued on Reddit.

Meanwhile, the woman's husband didn't necessarily apologize, though he did admit he "f---ed up."

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"He dumped all his alcohol when I said if we stay together that’s one of my conditions. He has a history of alcohol abuse. He has scheduled an STD screening, again, at my request and blocked my sister-in-law on everything," she explained.

The woman is also worried about her husband's job, as her brother hasn't exactly fired him but she knows things will be "awkward and different."

"My friendship with my sister-in-law is over. I’ve still been working through feelings 8 years after the first betrayal. I don’t know if I have it in me to do the incredibly hard work again. I love him and I deserve so much better," she shared.

In a later update, the woman revealed she sat down with her husband and "told him that I don’t want to work things out."

"He’s agreed to work things out amicably as far as finances and sorting things while he also saves to move out. We don’t share children but we each have children that will be hurt by the split," she explained.

"I don’t hate him, or her. I’m honestly just sad and disgusted. I’m not really even angry anymore. At least right now. I imagine my feelings will vary as I grieve this loss of a partner," the woman concluded.

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Users in the comments tried to offer encouraging words, with many agreeing she get a divorce.

"Oof, this sounds really painful. Your love and loyalty deserves better ... he needs to do some serious work on himself for you to be able to forgive him again," one user wrote.

"I’m so sorry this happened to you. The betrayal cuts even deeper because it’s all tied up in the family. That alone would be enough to make me throw in the towel, one drunken kiss or not," another reader chimed in.

"I suspect you know what you need to do, but I think someone needs to say this ... given your niece is the one who found them, I'd ask your brother if you can sit down with her and explain that any consequences within your relationship to your husband are not her fault whatsoever. The poor girl has been put in a terrible position and I think that might go some way to help her through this," someone else advised.

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