A pregnant woman whose husband cheated is relieved after finding out her husband isn't the father of her sister's baby.

The woman initially shared her story back in March, explaining in a Reddit post how she was struggling to cope after finding out her sister might be pregnant with her husband's baby.

"A few weeks ago he told her to get a paternity test and he is not the father! I can relax now!" the woman shared in an update on Reddit.

In her original post, the woman revealed she caught her husband cheating with her sister, who is pregnant. The woman was planning to leave her husband following the discovery, but then she found out that she was pregnant, too, which complicated matters.

"He told me they were pregnant with twins and begged for my forgiveness. He spoiled me with gifts, he offered to buy me an apartment, a new car, whatever I wanted," the woman wrote.

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At the time, the woman was grappling with whether or not to stay with her philandering husband, especially because she wanted a child badly.

However, she has since decided to divorce her husband, and has been "staying with a friend" for the past few weeks.

In the comments, Reddit users rallied behind the woman, offering her words of encouragement.

"Well that takes a bit of the pressure off you. But please don't go back to him. They both betrayed you so blatantly. Acting lovey dovey in front of you and family members. He disrespected you. Better [to] be a single mom than tied to the cheater all your life. Get a shark lawyer and get as much for you and baby from ex-husband. You can do it," one person wrote.

"So glad sister's kid isn't your husband's! I hope your lawyer is working on how you can protect your future!" another commented.

"This situation would be much, much worse trying to co-parent your child with him and them growing up with half siblings who are also their cousin. You can now cut your sister out of your life fully and focus on your baby and moving forward with your divorce," someone else shared.

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