A pregnant woman shared that she is struggling to cope after finding out her sister is also pregnant with her husband's baby.

On Reddit, the woman revealed she caught her husband cheating with her sister, who is now pregnant. The woman was planning to leave her husband following the discover, but then she found out that she's pregnant, too, complicating matters.

"He told me they were pregnant with twins and begged for my forgiveness. He spoiled me with gifts, he offered to buy me an apartment, a new car, whatever I wanted," the woman wrote via Reddit.

The cheating husband told the woman that if her sister goes through with the pregnancy, "he will have no part" in raising the child.

"Up until last month I was ready to divorce him, I was ready to start a new life without him and my sister in it. I thought my missed periods were just due to stress until I felt my period symptoms but with no period in sight so I took a pregnancy test," the woman continued.

After finding out she was pregnant, her husband was "ecstatic" and insisted it could be a "fresh start" for them.

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"He’s already bought most of the stuff we need for the nursery, he’s been looking at doulas and midwives in case I want a natural home birth, and different hospitals in and out of state seeing which one would be best for me if I decide not to. I can’t afford a child on my own, he's been there for me financially since I was 20, I’ve never had to struggle on my own, I never went to college because I would never need to work with him in my life," she detailed.

The woman noted she never considered the possibility of life without her husband as she was "stupidly in love and arrogant."

"I got everything I wanted. I had a perfect family and a perfect husband, a perfect house and a perfect life. We had fertility issues and trying to conceive was a struggle, my pregnancy was supposed to be a blessing but instead I’m wondering why now, why after all this?" she added.

Even though the woman has wanted a baby for "years," with all the drama she doesn't know how she will be able to care for the child if she leaves her unfaithful husband.

In the comments section, Reddit users tried to comfort the woman, with many suggesting she hire a lawyer.

"This is going to be really hard on all your kids and families. You can get child support, but it will be much less. How wealthy is he, exactly? You definitely need a lawyer. A good one. Whatever you decide and choose to do, you are going to spend the rest of your life being impacted daily by those decisions," one person wrote.

"If he can betray you by sleeping with your sister, nothing is stopping him from finding an affair partner not within your family," another commented.

"Wow, let me tell you, this will not end well, whatever you do, get a post-nup while he's love bombing you, get things on your name," someone else shared.

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