We live in a golden age of content.

Note I didn’t say we live in a golden age of movies. Because I’m not sure that we do. But content? Oh yeah, we’ve got content for days.

The competition for subscription dollars of the last few years, and the race to claim the most customers, has led to explosive growth in the number of films released directly to places like Netflix, Disney+, and Peacock. These streamers seem to be guided by an extremely literal interpretation of the principle set forth at the fictional Hollywood studio in Robert Altman’s The Player: “Movies, now more than ever.”

As we all know, though, quantity and quality are two totally different things. Which could explain why, when you go to the movie website Letterboxd and arrange the titles under the “Films” tab according to the lowest average rating for titles released in the 2020s, you see so many movies that went straight to streaming.

When you look at Letterboxd users picks for of the worst movies of the decade so far you also see a bunch of sequels — including four (four!) different ones from a single series. And the Venn diagram of streaming movies on this list that are also sequels is pretty close to one perfect circle. There may be a lesson in there somewhere.

Not that I expect anyone in Hollywood to learn it. While we wait to see if anyone comes to their senses before they make another Megamind, let’s take a look at Letterboxd users’ picks for the worst films of the 2020s to date, listed from the one with the highest score to the absolute lowest on Letterboxd’s zero to five-star scale:

The Worst Movies of the Decade, According to Letterboxd

Out of 175,000+ movies released in the 2020s so far, these are the ones with the lowest average rating on Letterboxd. How many have you seen?

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The Best Films Ever, According to Letterboxd

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