Former 'X Factor' contestant Drew, who was one of PopCrush's favorites to win the debut season of the reality singing competition, released a new YouTube video offering a gorgeous cover of Bon Iver's 'Skinny Love.' In case you are not familiar with the Wisconsin-based band, it's a folk rock outfit beloved by Adele and done right by Drew in this cover.

In her video, Drew says that her fans have requested that she deliver a rendition of this particular tune and she obliges their wishes. Nice choice, Drew fans. With a mint green background and her sleek and blown-out hair falling soft and framing her face, Drew looks cozy and comfy as she prepares to sing.

She offers up that pretty, icy voice we've grown to love, singing against a spare piano melody. Drew actually looks to be reading lyrics since she doesn't make much eye contact, but we don't really need her to look at us. We just need her to sing and to listen to her, since the melancholic song and style fit her voice perfectly.

If this is what 'Skinny Love' is, we want to experience more of it.

Watch Drew Cover Bon Iver's 'Skinny Love'