It’s moment of truth time tonight on 'X Factor,' and the final 16 are about to fall into place. Nicole Scherzinger got right down to business at her home in Malibu, Calif. cutting her group of eight down to four, but not without some hesitation. As she prepared to deliver the news to the hopefuls on her Over '30s team, she admitted that she was "weighing the pros and cons," and that "they’re all stars in my eyes." Well Nicole, they may all be stars, but tonight only four can shine on.

Josh Krajcik got his answer first. Scherzinger cast an air of doubt by telling Krajcik "when you came in you were so unassuming but had a great big voice and so much soul. You were like the guy next door, but I don’t know if the guy next door is a superstar.” Apparently the guy next door is exactly what she was looking for because she continued to tell him he was through and had earned the first coveted spot in her final four.

Next up, Scherzinger made some shocking moves, hastily ending the 'X Factor' dream for Christa Collins, telling her "there’s still room for growth." There was more bad news for James Kenny. "I don’t know if you’re the solo artist I’m looking for," Scherzinger told him before his final dismissal.

Scherzinger gave Dexter Haygood both good and bad feedback, leaving Haygood in tears, but she ended on a positive note telling him "you have this light and this energy about you, you have a good voice Dexter and I’m taking you to live finals." Haygood showed his excitement by diving right into the pool to celebrate.

Leroy Bell, the oldest singer in the competition, earned another "yes," however he does have his work cut out for him as Scherzinger questioned his drive a bit. She said, "You have a really beautiful voice, not only are you amazingly talented but you’re an amazing artist. My dilemma about you is I know how good you are, I just don’t know if you want it enough."

In the past Scherzinger questioned if Tiger Budbill could sell records, and tonight, that likely factored into her decision as she told him he wouldn’t be moving on. That left fan favorite Stacy Francis and wedding singer Elaine Gibbs with only one final spot up for grabs. It was a 'yay' for Francis and a 'nay' for Gibbs.

So, with Josh Krajcik, Dexter Haygood, Leroy Bell and Stacy Francis advancing to the live finals, the top four from the Over '30s group has been sealed.  Do you think Nicole picked the right four?