Yellowcard frontman Ryan Key tries in vain to win back an ex-girlfriend, but ends up winning over her friend instead in the humorous video for 'Hang You Up.'

The clip follows Key as he walks down the street, puts on his fast food apron and heads into work, while singing 'Hang You Up' the whole time. The video is unusual in that other characters react to Key's singing.

As Key sings the first verse, he sits down on a bench, upsetting the man next to him, who angrily yells into his cell phone, "I can't hear you, man ... this guy next to me won't stop singing!"

When Key arrives to work the drive-thru window, a potential customer is unable to order because all he hears coming out of the speaker is Key singing the song.

Finally, Key's ex-girlfriend walks past with another friend, and he goes outside to serenade her with the chorus: "It's hard to see you, we are older now / And when I find you, you just turn around / This is a black-and-white of you I found / I hang you up and then I pull you down."

Unfortunately, she's not impressed. "Ryan, we've been through this a bunch of times," she says. "Remember, I got a restraining order against you and the judge said you're not allowed to sing to me within 500 feet."

She further warns, "No more singing! I swear to God, if you open your mouth and start singing a pre-chorus..." When Key does just that, she stomps off, leaving the singer to finish performing the song with his bandmates. As he finishes, the ex's friend approaches and says, "You can sing me a pre-chorus anytime ... Call me!"

Last fall, Yellowcard returned from a two-year hiatus with the album 'When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes.' 'Hang You Up' is the second single, following 'For You, and Your Denial.'

Watch the Yellowcard, 'Hang You Up' Video