Zendaya is quickly becoming a fashion plate, even though she'll only be turning 17 next month. Despite her young age, she's developing an enviable image. The stylish star spoke about what wardrobe items are her "must-haves" and shared some tips about her personal style since she is now the face of the NFL's apparel line directed at tweens and juniors.

"In my personal life, I'm more of a tomboy," the gorgeous singer admitted. "So I think every girl needs a good pair of leather sweatpants. They're so comfortable, and you can dress them up with heels like Rihanna does, or down with some tennis shoes."

Leather ... sweatpants? Does she mean leggings? Whatev the case, her plan about dressing 'em up or down is a wise one. It means you can wear things in multiple ways and always look totally different.

Z is the new face of NFL Tweens & Junior Apparel range and will rep the back-to-school campaign for 2013. "Back-to-school fashion is going to be all about incorporating high and low fashion," the singer said. "I love to pair a skirt with a cute graphic tee, like the one I’m wearing for NFL. It’s really about getting creative, whatever fits your style."

Again, another great tip for teens to follow. And what NFL team is she loyal to? She's from Oakland, so it's the Raiders. Duh. "Definitely the Raiders! They do struggle, but I'm from Oakland, Calif., so technically I have to love them," she said.

Zendaya also offered her suggestion for the ultimate first week of school outfits and it sounds brilliant to us.

"Never wear your best outfit on the first day," she suggested. "The first week of school will come and go, and before you know it, you'll be back to all of your regular clothes. So my number one tip is to always mix new pieces with your old stuff so that everything looks new. It'll expand your wardrobe and make your new clothes last longer, too!"

What a great idea. You can mix and match and stay fashion fresh. Take that advice, high schoolers about to head back to school in the next three to four weeks.

Lastly, Zendaya sang an uneventful -- as in no lyrical flubs -- version of the national anthem at a Dodgers game recently. She's all about sports lately.

Watch Zendaya Perform the National Anthem at L.A. Dodgers Game