Angie Miller knows how to sing, and she proved it once again on ‘American Idol’ tonight (March 20) with a simultaneously sweet and powerful delivery of the Beatles’ ‘Yesterday.’

You’re probably used to seeing Miller in all of her curly-haired glory, but even though she’s taken to the flat-iron, she’s still the same heartfelt singer we all know and love. 'Idol' judge Randy Jackson called it a “stellar performance,” likening her to Paramore’s Hayley Williams. “You emoted from your heart,” he said. Mariah Carey then chimed in with her thoughts, saying that she put forth a “very respectful version of the song … yet you really showed your voice, and you showed simplicity.”

“That’s my favorite Beatles song,” joked Keith Urban, who made that very same statement with every other contestant on tonight’s episode. More seriously, he praised her for staying true to herself throughout the performance, from beginning to end. Nicki Minaj called her “unbelievably amazing” and went on to say, “you had a good key that showed us your range all the way through." "You will absolutely be doing soundtracks for movies," she added. "You could do anything with your voice."

It's clear what the judges think, but now it's up to America to make the final call. Do you think Angie Miller should be the next 'American Idol?'