Tonight, a total of 185 'American Idol' hopefuls survived the cut to make it to Group Day. When all is said and done, that number will be halved.

Group Day is like going to war. It's a test of strength and endurance and determination. Seriously! That's what host Ryan Seacrest said. PopCrush says it's what separates the men from the boys, the immortals from the human beings and the worker bees from the drama queens -- that's what played out on this ep.

The contestants are tasked with picking a song, designing choreography and mastering a routine with each other. Gasp! Oh, the horror. Can't they Idols all just get along? No way. This is high drama.

The contestants have to form groups of four or five members and the caveat is that the groups must be a mix of performers from Day 1 and Day 2. That meant the already-formed alliances formed by people who performed on Day 1 and those who performed on Day 2 were cracked and ripped apart by the rules. It's like 'Survivor' for singers.

There were some groups that formed quickly and they got down to it, working hard and sounding good from the outset. As for the other sets? There were fights. There were ambulances. Let's hope the producers have iron-clad insurance because there's always some sort of sickness or breakdown on the show.

Amy Brumfield -- the homeless tent girl from Tennessee -- had the flu and could not find a home amid the groups, which mirrors her living situation. Everyone she came in contact with got sick. The 'Idol' plague traveled quickly among the groups, which had cute names like M.I.T., the Bettys and Make You Believers. The Bettys were breaking down and arguing due to lack of sleep, despite their awesome name. Turns out they perform first on next Wednesday's episode.

Other key events on this densely-packed episode? Symone Black, the girl who fell off the stage last night, was okay. She went to the hospital after her fall. She was suffering from dehydration but she made it to Group Day. Also, policewoman Alisha Bernhardt had a prickly personality and that was likely the reason she had trouble finding people to complete her group. She struggled while working with her teammates, too.

As for some surprising eliminations? Lauren Mink and Ethan Jones, both so promising in their first auditions, didn't prevail in Hollywood.

See you next week, 'Idol' watchers.