The full version of 'Far as the Sky,' the song former 'Glee' star Charice recorded for a Japanese television show, has now been released online.

The track is ostensibly a love song, though its melodramatic lyrics at times seem nonsensical, almost as if they weren't written by a native English speaker (Is she really singing, "Many silent hopes will rest its wings to fly again?")

Backed up by piano, strings and a cheesy melody that sounds like it came from 1987, the 19-year-old performer belts out the chorus: "Our destiny, it's our true fantasy / I'll share my love to help you through the night / Far as the sky my heart will reach out to the one who cries / I will never leave you all behind."

Charice fans, take heart -- this would be a zero-star song if not for her impassioned delivery. Nobody could've saved a song with lines like, "Spare the strength to brighten up the weaker world / Far as the sky we've got to search for all the caring souls / I cannot have seen the truth if it wasn't for you."

The song clearly doesn't have 'Louder' potential, but that was never the intent since it was meant for the Japanese drama series 'Bull Doctor.' With her immense talent, Charice is likely to become an even bigger pop star once she finds some ballads that properly showcase her voice without sounding quite so dated.

Listen to Charice, 'Far as the Sky'