We'll be forced to part ways with our favorite 'Glee' cast as Season 2 draws to a close on Tuesday, but one question remains: Will Rachel and Finn mend their broken relationship before we say goodbye? In the May 24 'New York' finale episode, the pair will duet on another original song, 'Pretending.'

Based on the lyrics of this heartfelt new tune, it doesn't sound like we're going to get any clear answers on Finchel's destiny. "Will we ever say the words we're feeling / Reach down underneath and tear down other worlds / Will we ever have our happy ending / Or will we forever only be pretending?" they ask in harmony in the chorus.

'New York' will feature two other original tracks, 'As Long as You're There' and 'Light Up the World,' though 'Pretending' is the gem of the 'Glee' originals we've seen so far. We love it -- not only because it's one-of-a-kind -- but it's especially poignant because it encompasses the roller coaster ride that was Season 2 of 'Glee.'

The 'New York' Season 2 finale airs Tuesday, May 24 on FOX.

Listen to 'Glee' Cast (Rachel and Finn), 'Pretending'