Gwen Stefani was the subject of the famed 10 Questions feature with TIME, and the No Doubt singer spoke about familiar topics, such as her L.A.M.B. fashion line, the return of the band via new album 'Push and Shove,' and being a mom! She also spoke about her wedding gown designer John Galliano, who fell from grace and was dismissed from his post at Dior after making unsavory, racist remarks about Jewish people in a public place.

Some key points made by Stefani that we haven't heard before? Read on!

On the album title's significance: "It felt like that to make this record. The whole record talks about being overwhelmed and working hard to get the creativity going."

On who made the first move – her or hubby Gavin Rossdale: "Oh my god, are you serious? He did! I’m not that kind of girl."

On natural beauty vs. glamour, since she was quoted as saying she never walks around the house sans makeup, leading people to think that she considers natural beauty overrated: "Personally, I’ve just always loved the theater, the glamour. I was an art major. But it’s not something that I take seriously. It’s unbelievable — you say something and you’re laughing, and then it’s quoted everywhere. It’s embarrassing."

On stylish son Kingston, 6, and his mohawk: "When he was 3 and got his first Mohawk, that was me. But it was his fault. He stuck a slinky in his hair, and it got completely tangled, so we had to do something. I was about to go on tour, and we were all bleaching our hair and cutting it, so we did his. I cried for two weeks after, like, 'What did I do to his hair?' But now there’s no room for your opinion. You can’t force them to do anything. Especially when they hit the superhero phase, which my 4-year-old is at now.

On her relationship with disgraced Dior fashion designer John Galliano, who designed her wedding dress, which is now on loan to London's Victoria and Albert Museum, and who later became infamous for his anti-Semitic remarks: "I haven’t talked to him. I was never really friends with him. I wanted to be, but he was in Paris and really busy. I do remember rolling into a beautiful Christian Dior boutique to have a fitting with John, and I was so mad because I didn't even have a new pair of underwear to put on."

Oh Gwen. We love you.

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