Showing skin in a sexy, safety pin dress wasn't the only way Lady Gaga made a splash in Milan this week. The Mother Monster toted a fake machine gun while onstage for her Born This Way Ball tour on Tuesday (Oct. 2), which will no doubt set off a storm of criticism.

Wearing a circular hat that looked like it could pick up radio frequencies and a furry pink ensemble that should further incense her enemies at PETA, Gaga stepped out of a stone castle on stage with the fake weapon in her hands. She looked like a mercenary and a vision in pink, later stripping off her clothes to reveal a white pleather dress with cutouts.

She incorporated guns into the performance again, wearing a black bra with gun appendages, which is not a new look for her. (Remember her 'Alejandro' video and Rolling Stone cover a while back?)

We'd like to point out that Gaga's nemesis Madonna, who has accused the 'You &  I' singer of copying her, going as far as to say her imitation is high flattery, caught heat for the same stunt, brandishing a pistol on stage during her MDNA tour.

Madge dealt with the criticism by posting a manifesto saying she doesn't condone violence. She's likely to react to Gaga's display and attack Ma Monster for borrowing from her stage show, with both the machine gun and accentuated bra. The Material Girl's cone-shaped brassieres were famous in the '90s, and she is always looking for more things to diss Gaga for.

What do you think, PopCrushers? Are Gaga's machine gun antics offensive? Too similar to Madonna's? Just part of a stage show?

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