While his Odd Future mate Frank Ocean rakes in piles and piles of critical accolades for 'Channel Orange,' the much more controversial Tyler, the Creator remains a bit on the fringe, thanks to his antics and his lyrics, oft perceived as misogynist, childish and demonic, or some combo of the three. The rapper revealed that he and Ocean wrote a song for Justin Bieber's 'Believe,' which'll have you asking, "Oh, really? Which one?" Not so fast. The track was rejected for the album. Guess Bieber didn't 'Belieb.'

Tyler, who eventually wants to produce big name acts like Bieber, following a career trajectory of Pharrell Williams, told Billboard that their Bieber tune was rejected.

"I've got so many beats and songs, but no one's giving me a chance yet," the rapper said. "I want to take Justin Bieber for a month and just lock him up in a cage where we sit and make music. He's one of the most successful people in the world, but his music could be so much tighter."

That's it. We're changing his name to Tyler, the Belieber.

But in all honesty, telling the Biebs his music isn't as good as it could be is certainly not a way to force a song on him. We know how talented Tyler, the Creator is, but criticism is not exactly the means by which to shoehorn himself into the Biebs' creative process.

Also, Tyler's material is certainly way more adult and R-rated than that of the Biebs at this point in his career. There would need to be some significant softening of the material to make it a beliebable pairing. We also wonder why Tyler digs Bieber so much, yet has such hate for Bruno Mars. Somethin' to gnaw on...

Also, did you notice that that Tyler says something about locking Le Biebs up in a cage. Didn't the killer who planned to kidnap and castrate the singer say something similar? He actually did, but it was much more of a violent sentiment. Be careful of your word choice, Tyler!

T, tC is taking baby steps, though, to get where he wants to be musically. He has a credit on Miley Cyrus album, but as a featured rapper, not as a producer.

All in due time, dude! Maybe one day you'll nab some time with Biebs. Send him a tweet. All the Beliebers do it!

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