Justin Bieber has many nicknames, the most popular of which are "the Biebs" and "JB." We at PopCrush cover the Biebs extensively, and we often find ourselves using those nicknames over and over again. While we like them and think they are adorable and appropriate, we took it upon ourselves to come up with 10 alternate nicknames for the Biebs, since we're creative like that -- not to mention the fact that we heart Bieber. However, we are tired of using the same nicknames ad nauseum! It's time for some new and affectionate takes for the teen pop boy wonder. We think JB himself would dig 'em.

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    Jay Bee

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    Teenage Dream

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    Purple Passion

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    The Biebs Knees

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    Leave it to Bieber

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    The Biebernator

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