The time has come for some more nomination announcements for our 2011 PopCrush Music Awards. Today, fans will have the chance to vote on their favorite artist in our Best Live Performer category. From dazzling, elaborate sets to unforgettable stage presence and delivery, 2011 was really a time for artists to shine with their live performances.

We couldn't narrow our choices down to five, so we're giving live music lovers the chance to vote on six different performers. Taylor Swift truly wowed audiences all over the nation with her Broadway-inspired Speak Now tour, while Jay-Z and Swift's no-longer nemesis Kanye West blew the roof off arenas with their Watch the Throne production. Some of the other nominees include the fiery, dance-til-you-drop diva Beyonce, can't-stop-won't-stop dancefloor king Chris Brown, and Lady Gaga for her eccentric yet always entertaining and captivating stage shows. Topping off our list is British chanteuse Adele, whose cheeky stage banter and awe-inspiring vocal performances are a must-see.

So, who is your favorite live performer for 2011? Cast your below! Even if you've never seen any of these artists perform, check out some of their live stuff on YouTube so you can get in on the fun! We will announce the winner (and all of the other winners) after Jan. 1, 2012.