The 2014 Apple iPad Air 2 commercial features people from all different walks of life using the device in all kinds of cool, innovative ways. As people utilize the iPad Air 2 to do everything from enhance their concert experience to help with construction work, an undeniably catchy, folksy track plays in the background. What's the song?

The upbeat, super fun song is 'Who Needs You' by the Orwells. It's featured on the band's second studio album, 'Disgraceland,' which dropped earlier this year. While the Orwells aren't mainstream just yet, they've been making their way through the concert circuit for the past few years, performing at Lollapolooza and even on 'David Letterman.' 'Who Needs You' is definitely a fan favorite -- and with its insanely catchy drum beat and guitar riffs, it's not hard to see why. Listen to the full song below, and hear it in the Apple commercial in the video above!