5 Seconds of Summer released their highly anticipated 'Amnesia' music video just 30 minutes ago, and already the die-hard 5SOS fan base has started multiple trending topics about the vid. That's some serious dedication.

Of course, it also makes perfect sense, considering we've ALL been waiting on pins and needles for the official music vid to be released, consoling ourselves with multiple viewings of the 'Amnesia' lyric video to tide us over. And at long last, the 'Amnesia' video is finally here, and it's beautiful.

It's fitting that the scenes of the video shift between Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael sitting alone and reminiscing about past relationships, juxtaposed with scenes featuring the guys actually living through the good times, having a blast with their ladies. 'Amnesia' is all about wanting to forget all of those painfully amazing moments in a relationship, so it's cool to see a visual of the memories the guys are singing about on the track. And even though the lyrics get us right in the feels, the music vid is a little more tinged with happiness than the song itself, so you'll definitely be able to watch it without bawling your eyes out. (Unless you're that psyched about the video's release, and in that case we can't really blame you.)

Check out 5SOS' 'Amnesia' video above!