5 Seconds of Summer unveiled the music video for their latest single "Jet Black Heart" today (December 17), and it packs quite an emotional punch in less than five minutes.

The video opens with a message from the band that reads, "We asked our fans to help us make this video. We wanted to hear your stories. We were overwhelmed by the response. This video goes out to you."

The clip then segues into footage of fans, all from various backgrounds and shot in different locations, as they lip sync to the track. Band members Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood and Michael Clifford also get their own close-ups — and as the track swells, so do the emotions. At one point, Michael's face glistens, post-crying.

The video eventually culminates in a group performance, as the members of 5SOS come together to play the track in an empty performance space.

Member Michael Clifford had since enlisted the help of his fans, asking them to create a Twitter header about the video's release.

“Jet Black Heart” marks the third single from the group’s sophomore effort Sounds Good Feels Good. The track became an instant fan favorite upon its initial release, long before the album officially dropped last month.

Check out the video for "Jet Black Heart" above.

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