5SOS Fam, rejoice! 5 Seconds of Summer's Rock Out With Your Socks Out tour just kicked off in Lisbon, Portugal on Tuesday (May 4), and the guys already performed a brand-new freaking song. To quote a well-known Lady Gaga fan, "YAAAASSSS."

The tune is called "Permanent Vacation," and basically all we want from life right now is to take our own permanent vacation and listen to this song on repeat until the end of time. The song definitely edges on the punk side of pop-punk, calling to mind one of the band's biggest influences: Green Day. Plus, it's totally notable for the prominence of Michael's vocals, which don't get a chance to shine as nearly often as they should. He seriously kills it on the number.

And if there ever was even the tiniest hint of doubt that 5SOS could bring it live, look no further than their first-ever live performance of the new track (which you can feast your eyes on above). The guys nail every single note, from Ashton's passionate drumming to Mikey's crowd participation cries to Luke's always-on-point vocals to Calum all being crazy-talented at the bass and stuff. The upbeat track was literally made to play live, and 5 Seconds of Summer are rock AF on this one.

5SOS, who have already graced us with their self-titled debut album and a killer live album (LIVESOS 4 lyfe, yo), are hard at work on their second effort. To quote an overtired Luke in this photo, "Coffee wrote the whole next album." And if the new record sounds anything like "Permanent Vacation," we are SO freaking ready:

The guys are currently tearing things up all across the world on the ROWYSO tour and are slated to come to America in July, which is the exact moment that this PopCrush editor will promptly lose her mind from excitement.

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