When it comes to 5 Seconds of Summer, we have absolutely no chill. So, of course, we were pretty much screaming at our TV when they totally slayed their performance of "What I Like About You" at the 2015 Kids' Choice Awards.

While every 5SOS performance is complete gold, there was something about the band's 2015 KCAs number that kicked it up a few notches. While we weren't busy fangirling over Luke's stubble and lip ring and Ashton's insanely ripped arms, we were blown away by the sheer volume of talent and energy that these guys bring to the stage, every time. (Did anyone else notice that Michael was totally yelling like the rock n' roll badass that he is? YES, Mikey. YES.) Of course, Calum was not to be outdone, shredding away on the guitar as he is apt to do. Just another flawless performance by 5SOS, of course.

And not only did 5SOS bring the talent, they also brought the slime — sliming the audience (and themselves!) with tons upon tons of the electric green stuff. 5SOS Fam, isn't there just something about the KCAs and 5SOS that go together insanely well?!

Even though the guys were shut out of the Favorite New Artist category (that Orange Blimp went to Fifth Harmony), the 5SOS Fam came to the rescue, trending #5SOSYouAreOurWinners on Twitter immediately after the award was announced. And honestly, the guys completely nailed their performance, so they are also the winners in our hearts. (Right next to Fifth Harmony. Because we love them too.)

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