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It looks like Aaron Carter may always be pining over Hilary Duff. He took to Instagram yesterday (Dec. 3) to post a photo that shows himself watching an episode of 'Lizzie McGuire' -- the show that catapulted Hilary to fame in the early oughties. Aaron was specifically watching the episode in which he guest-starred. Naturally.

According to Aaron, he'd never actually seen the episode before, which is insane to us because we can probably recite the entire thing verbatim by now. In case you, like Aaron, have neglected your 'Lizzie McGuire' duties and also have not seen it, we'll give you a quick plot synopsis. The episode, titled 'Aaron Carter's Coming to Town,' sees Hilary's character, Lizzie, and her besties Miranda and Gordo trying to make their way past bodyguards in an attempt to meet Aaron, who's in town filming a music video for his song 'I Want Candy.'

Of course, Lizzie winds up starring in the video -- because fiction is almost always better than reality -- and it was at this point in time that Hilary and Aaron were dating in real life, so we can't help but wonder whether watching it was a bittersweet experience for Aaron.

We're glad he finally took the time to watch the episode, though we have to wonder if it has anything to do with his continued and very public declarations of love for Hilary.

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