Hilary Duff and her hockey player hubby Mike Comrie have separated, making the actress and singer very much a single lady. Their Jan. 10 announcement immediately piqued the interest of Duff's ex-boyfriend Aaron Carter, who took to Twitter that same day to express his true feelings about the situation:

Aaron Carter Tweet

As vague of a tweet as it was, it didn't stop one Hilary Duff fan from replying to the bankrupt pop star, saying that Duff would never get back with him:

Aaron Carter Fan Tweet

In a surprising move, Carter started following the fan and even sent a message, saying that the tweet really hurt him:

But that's not all! Carter continued to message the fan and spilled his true feelings about Duff in the message, even going so far as to say that he's "been waiting for her for like half my life now." See the message here.

Whoa. That's some serious infatuation he's been harboring.

Carter and Duff began dating in 2000 and were together for over a year when the 'Aaron's Party' singer infamously broke up with her for Lindsay Lohan. After then breaking up with LiLo, he and the former 'Lizzie McGuire' star got back together before he ultimately ended up cheating on her with her best friend.

Yeah, somehow we don't think Hilary would be too keen on taking him back.