Abigail Breslin made two big announcements via Twitter on Thursday (April 2). The actress, who goes by username @yoabbaabba, revealed that she's written a book and recorded an album.

The memoir, This May Sound Crazy, hits shelves on October 6 and is described as a "collection of hilarious and heartfelt nonfiction essays on the subjects nearest and dearest to our hearts: love, loss and Tumblr." You can see the cover above.

But the exciting news didn't stop there.

According to the actress, the June 15 album is made up of all new music that she wrote with Bronx producer and guitarist David Andronico. "It's the story of my life over the past two years and I can't wait for you to hear it," she tweeted.

For proof that the Little Miss Sunshine actress really can sing, check out her impressive acoustic performance of "Fight for Me" at the NYC premiere of Janie Jones in 2011 below.

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