Congratulations to Ed Sheeran and all of his fans that voted for him in last week's About to Pop poll! The British singer-songwriter's latest single 'Give Me Love' will receive 20+ spins on PopCrush's weekend radio on Saturday (Dec. 15) and Sunday (Dec. 16). Check out a list of stations where you can tune in by clicking here!

This week, Kesha, Olly Murs, Melanie Amaro, the Weeknd and Britt Nicole are competing against one another for About to Pop glory. Who will come out on top?!

'Warrior' queen Kesha is nominated for her new single 'C'Mon,' a synth-heavy track off of her 2012 LP with production credits from Dr. Luke and Benny Blanco. With an intro reminiscent of Bruno Mars' 'Just the Way You Are,' 'C'Mon' is a little bit bubblegum, a little bit dance-y, and a little bit electro, and with some ultra fried, super sassy raps from Kesha, it's sure to be another smash hit with her Animals.

Meanwhile, Olly Murs is giving Ms. Sebert a run for her money with his Flo Rida-assisted track 'Troublemaker.' The beat and overall tempo of the insanely catchy pop song kind of makes our minds wander to Maroon 5's 'Misery,' with funkier elements like the guitar and jam blocks taking hold of our auditory senses. Murs' smooth, R&B-twinged vocals will also have you racing to learn the words so you can sing along.

Meanwhile, fans of 'X Factor' champ Melanie Amaro will undoubtedly be voting for her new, violin-laden single 'Long Distance,' a midtempo ballad about being lovesick for someone that you can't be near. Then there's Canadian singer-songwriter the Weeknd, aka Abel Tesfaye, who will leave women weak in the knees with his unbelievable vocal performance on the moody track 'Wicked Games.' Finally, we've got newcomer Britt Nicole and her sweet-as-candy, synthed-out love song 'Gold.'

Who will you vote for this week? Kesha, Olly, Melanie, the Weeknd, or Britt? Listen to all 5 tracks below and vote for your favorite every hour until the poll closes on Dec. 17 at 3PM EST. Good luck!

Listen to Kesha, 'C'Mon'

Watch the Olly Murs 'Troublemaker' Video Feat. Flo Rida

Listen to Melanie Amaro, 'Long Distance'

Listen to the Weeknd, 'Wicked Games' (Clean)

Watch the Britt Nicole 'Gold' Video

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