Adam Lambert is one of the best-loved 'American Idol' alums ever. Could he be returning to the series as a member of its new panel?

Lambert was rumored to be in talks to judge 'Idol' last season, but those negotiations either fell by the wayside or were never happening to begin with. However, when The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the 'Trespassing' singer on the 'Idol' finale red carpet, he made it crystal clear that he was game to join the judges' table if they wanted him.

"Sure, if they ask me! That would be great, I would love that!" he gushed. "That would be really fun. I would love to be a part of the show again. I would like to help people achieve their goals and reach the dreams that they have for themselves," Lambert said earnestly. One factor he'd love to aid contestants with is dealing with the sudden fame that comes with appearing on 'Idol.'

"I think sometimes once you get thrown into it, there's a lot that comes at you and it's really confusing, and I would love to help people find that clarity and that vision."

One judge he'll miss most? Randy Jackson. "He's just so warm, and he has such a good heart," Lambert sighed. "I've seen him around town at recording studios and various showcases and things, and he's always the same guy you see on camera. It's really nice to see that he always is who he is.

In addition to breaking records (and selling a lot of them), Lambert is both a gifted and energetic performer as well as technically superb with his vocals. (Not everyone can fill in for the late Freddie Mercury!) If that doesn't make someone a great 'Idol' judge of talent, we don't know what does!