Adam Lambert is known for his spiky, inky black locks. They are his signature, along with his thick eyeliner. The glammy and infinitely stylish 'Better Than I Know Myself' singer has gone rogue and to the complete opposite end of the style spectrum, bleaching his hair platinum blond.

He had been rocking some blond highlights as of late, but that's nothing, and mean nothing, compared to this!

The singer tweeted a photo of the new coif, which is styled the same, just several shades lighter. It's quite drastic, especially since he's still rocking thick, dark brows.

We're going to take a moment to give props to whoever is Lambert's tireless stylist. It must have taken several hours and levels of processing to take Lambert from black to blond. Big ups to Lambert, too, for being able to sit through all that color processing. No doubt his scalp has to be sensitive from the stripping of color and dye from his normally pitch black follicles.

Lambert's accompanying message was simple. He posted: "New do."

Okay, PopCrushers, we're posing this one to you. Do you like Lambert's latest locks? Is the white-hot hue working for him? Or do you prefer him more dark and mysterious?

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