While he didn't end up winning Season 8 of 'American Idol,' Adam Lambert is well on his way to becoming a superstar with his signature style of music, amazing vocals and riveting live performances. On top of this, Lambert also has a loyal band of supporters (nicknamed 'Glamberts') who cannot get enough of his songs, which is why we want all of you Adam Lambert fans to vote for your favorite track from the eyeliner-rocking vocalist. 

As of April 2012, Lambert has one studio album under his belt and one on the way. On his debut album, 'For Your Entertainment,' Lambert dropped three very different singles, which really give an overall idea of the type of sound he's striving for. The lead single and title track 'For Your Entertainment' is a pulse-pounding uptempo jam that exhibits Lambert's rocking edge, and his third single 'If I Had You' is similar, as he sings about the person of his dreams over a synth-heavy beat. However, his second single, the ballad 'Whataya Want From Me,' shows off Lambert's softer more vulnerable side as he struggles to make a relationship work.

So far, Lambert has released two singles off of his second album 'Trespassing.' His lead single 'Better Than I Know Myself' finds Lambert hitting glass-shattering notes while crooning about the love of his life. His second 'Trespassing' single ('Never Close Our Eyes') has an intro that builds as dreamy guitar strumming gives way to a hard-hitting electro beat, making for another uptempo jam.

So Glamberts, out of all of the official singles he's released thus far, which Adam Lambert song is your favorite? Cast your vote below!