A lesson from Adam Lambert: Never sleep. Ever.

While you were busy snoozing (and, presumably, dreaming sweet Glambert dreams), the "Ghost Town" superstar casually logged onto YouTube late last night and uploaded not one, but two new night time-themed tunes from his forthcoming Max Martin executive produced effort, The Original High.

And...they're both great. Obviously.

First, there's "Evil In The Night," a genre-blurring blend of electronic rock, piano balladry and dance all in one, as Glambert calls out a rather criminal lover...and he's positively thrilled by the sense of danger. "Baby, your love is a crime / Danger by day, but you're evil in the night," he purrs. Break out the whips and chains baby, 'cause Adam's getting his kink on: "Keep me on a leash tonight...there's nowhere for me to hide."

Boy, you just beggin' for trouble.

"Another Lonely Night," on the other hand, finds the crooner getting all caught up in his feelings for a finger-snapping electro heartbreaker. "I don't give a fuck if the sun comes up / It's just another day, another lonely night," he scowls above the dark, chilly synth pulse as he grows nostalgic (and increasingly bitter) post-break up. As with "Ghost Town," Adam's going for the haunting factor.

Along with the recently released "Underground," this is shaping up to be a record best consumed in the midnight hour, that's for sure. Night time isn't just Sky Ferreira's time, after all.

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