Kudos to that incessant promo campaign, Taylor Swift, because it obviously worked.

Taylor's "Bad Blood" music video -- you know, the one that has a million celebrity cameos, probably spent the entirety of its budget on pyrotechnics and CGI and sees Selena Gomez in a suspiciously Katy-Perry-esque black wig -- officially holds the new Vevo record for most views in a single day. In just under 24 hours the video reportedly racked up 20.1 million views, beating out Nicki Minaj's previous record of 19.6 million views for her bootylicious music video "Anaconda."

As soon as Taylor found out the news, she launched into gratitude mode making sure to tag all of her famous friends involved in the video in a series of tweets. As we've observed in the past, it seems the more famous you are the less likely it is you'll have your friends' phone numbers. Twitter is truly an important form of communication.

We're mostly kidding -- Taylor has never been one to shy away from her emotions publicly. She's built her entire career on communicating those surface-level feelings to her audience, and we're eternally grateful for that fact. So it only makes sense that she would immediately run to Twitter to talk about breaking a record of this magnitude. Admittedly, we'd do the same -- probably with significantly less humility, but that's a problem we need to sort through about ourselves, you know?

Following the release of her pop masterpiece 1989, Taylor's broken a boatload of records, so this latest one should come to no surprise to anyone -- especially when you take into account just how much promo went into it. No one can deny the girl knows how to hustle -- and the numbers are proof of that. Congrats, Taylor, may you continue down this dark(er) path that started with "Blank Space." We're ready.

If you're one of the two people left on this planet who hasn't yet seen "Bad Blood" we just made it so easy for you to remedy that -- check it out above.

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