The battle for the most loyal fanbase in pop music continues this week during the latest installment of our ongoing annual March Madness series—and things are starting to get crazy... in love, that is.

The competition began with sixteen of the most dedicated fanbases, and now only four remain here in the semi-finals: Britney Spears' Army vs. One Direction's Directioners, and, in this round, Adam Lambert's Glamberts vs. Beyonce's BeyHive!

In the last round, Adam's fabulously named Glamberts edged out Girls' Generation's devoted Sones by nabbing 50.96% of the vote, beating the K-pop group by a hair and a prayer.

Beyonce's win against Demi Lovato, however, wasn't nearly as narrow as Adam's, with the BeyHive crushing the confidence of Demi's Lovatics by pulling over 53% of the vote against the Lovatics' 46.83%. That must feel pretty (stone) cold.

So, who will advance to the final round: the BeyHive, or the Glamberts? It's time for you to decide by casting your vote—now!

This round will end on Wednesday, March 23 at 11:59 PM ET.

PopCrush March Madness Bracket 1
PopCrush March Madness Bracket 2

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