As we head into the second week of March, we're also kicking off Round 2 of our annual March Madness polls, in which we try to discern which fanbase is the best above all others. After a successful Round 1 -- which narrowed down the competitors from a hefty 16 to a mere eight -- we're pitting Beyonce's devoted BeyHive against Demi Lovato's fervent Lovatics. May the best fanbase (and the one most willing to vote consistently over the next week!) take this round.

The polls for Round 1 ended at midnight EST, and after a lengthy and competitive first week, Demi's Lovatics ultimately earned themselves the win. They nabbed 56.75% of the vote, successfully knocking Selena Gomez's Selenators out of the running pretty early on.

Beyonce's fans, meanwhile, dominated the competition against Lady Gaga's Little Monsters -- a surprising feat, considering how vocal Gaga's fanbase tends to be on social media (Little Monsters won this competition last year). But the BeyHive ultimately pulled through for their queen, successfully defeating Gaga's Little Monsters with 52.44% of the vote.

Now the decision lies with you guys. Lovatics or BeyHive: Which fanbase deserves to move forward to the semi-finals?

Be sure to cast your votes for our March Madness competition in the poll below, before the second round ends on March 16 at 11:59PM EST.

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