Neoclubber's dance cover of Maroon 5's new smash 'Payphone' featuring Wiz Khalifa is an imaginative reworking of the breezy, summery song. It's constructed of a female vocal, loads of Auto-Tuning and synths. It's very right now and quite excellent, actually. The falsetto of singer Adam Levine has been swapped out for a female!

But make no mistake. This is not a remix. It's a total reworking of the latest M5 song, with a different spin and genre. It's totally designed for the EDM set and it translates so well because the melody is incredibly strong and gives itself over to an interpretation such as this. Malleable Maroon 5, if you will.

Maybe Levine can recruit Neoclubber -- cool name, by the way -- to audition for Season 3 of 'The Voice?' She has a unique and unusual vocal style that is not limited to the clubby and synthy scene.

Watch + Listen to 'Payphone' Dance Cover