Addison Rae was called out for sharing a photo of herself wearing a bikini emblazoned with a religious term.

The TikTok star uploaded a since-deleted picture posing in swimwear designed by a brand called Praying. People notes that suit, which is called the Holy Trinity Bikini Set, retails for $100. Rae's photo made it appear that it was a collaboration with the brand Adidas.

The bikini references the Holy Trinity — a tenet of Christianity. The bikini top features "Father" written on one bra cup and "Son" written on the other. The bottoms, which were not visible in Rae's photo, read "Holy Spirit."

See the image of Rae in the bikini below:

Rae's Instagram post was instantly met with controversy and labeled "blasphemous" in the comments section, according to People. Although the photo was removed, it sparked a conversation, especially on Twitter.

Some pointed out that religions in general shouldn't be sexualized. "Im a muslim and my take on the whole addison rae bikini thing is that i find it disrespectful, shes basically sexualising a whole religion. Please do better," one person tweeted.

Others implied Christianity is treated differently than other religions.

"Idc what anyone says that addison rae bikini is disrespectful. you don’t have to support the church, but if this was any other religion, ppl would be acting VERY different," someone opined.

"Y’all love disrespecting Christianity, but give the utmost respect to any other religion.. make it make sense," another wrote, calling Rae "tasteless and disgusting."

Some users were more threatening in their messaging, warning of retribution from God himself. "All I'm going to say is — these people are going to learn the hard way not to play with GOD. Just wait and watch," one person tweeted.

While many Christians and other naysayers called her out for being insensitive, others shared their support for Rae's swimwear ad.

"The addison rae bikini blasphemy controversy happening on my bday is the best gift i could’ve asked for," one user joked. They made it very clear that the look was a "slay," while another fan tweeted that the photo made Rae more likable.

"Yall are acting so stupid over this addison rae bikini. christians are not being persecuted over this thong. Lets focus on some actual marginalized religious groups pls for the love of god," someone else wrote.

"God ignored slavery for 400+ years I’m sure he will ignore Addison Rae in this bikini," yet another supporter added.

Check out these tweets and more, below:

Some Twitter users pointed out that Rae was hardly the only person to wear the bikini.

Page Six notes Christina Aguilera uploaded a video of herself on Instagram wearing a French-language version of the scandalous suit. "A religious experience," she playfully captioned the sunny upload.

Although you can only get a glimpse of the writing, she does not appear to have been met with similar backlash in the comments section.

Check out Aguilera's post below:

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