Adele, singer of the songs that soundtracked your 2011 break-up, just celebrated her birthday (May 5) with a birthday party. Stars...they're just like us!

But this was no ordinary birthday party: It was a costume party! Or maybe a George Michael-themed party? Either way, the "Rolling In The Deep" singer-songwriter posted a photo of herself on Twitter dressed (quite convincingly!) as the legendary "Father Figure" singer himself, whom she lovingly described as her "hero." From the shades to the scruff down to the signature leather jacket, she seriously nailed the iconic look.

Adele, now 27 years old, has not released a new album since 2011's 21, her record-breaking sophomore album everyone, their mother and their grandma owns. (Like, actually. It's the best-selling UK album of the millennium.)

After dashing dreams of the much-rumored 25 last year, Team Adele is now hoping the album will surface "at some stage in 2015." Which will make it...26? Or 27? Age ain't nothing but a number, anyway.

Adele's new gig as a part-time George Michael impersonator now begs the question: Will her upcoming album in fact be a track-by-track cover of George Michael's Faith? Maybe not, but consider this: Mariah Carey just covered George Michael's "One More Try" on Me. I Am Mariah...The Elusive Chanteuse, and it's incredible. So good! Speaking of, let's all listen to that.

Happy birthday, Adele! Also, give us the album.

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