When it comes to belting out a tune, few contemporary singers have pipes comparable to the vocal powerhouse that is Adele. During her VH1 'Unplugged' episode, the British, Grammy-winning singer showed off her beautiful voice by giving a goosebump inducing performance of the classic song, 'Natural Woman.'

Contrary to popular belief, 'Natural Woman' is not originally an Aretha Franklin song. The song was written in 1967 by folk singer-songwriter, Carole King, and was made popular in later years by the 'Respect' singer. Although Adele, Aretha Franklin and King's versions all vary in sound, they all share one common ground -- soul.

Adele's cover of 'Natural Woman' does both Franklin and King's versions justice, and then some. While singing, the red-head is accompanied by a mere acoustic guitar, allowing her beautiful voice to be the focal point of the performance. Adele's sultry voice and ability to hit the high notes in 'Natural Woman' give the song an awe-inspiring quality.

Remind us again why Adele wasn't invited to join in the Aretha Franklin tribute at the Grammys? Nonetheless, we are sure that both King and Franklin will be proud after hearing the young songstress' version.

Watch Adele Perform 'Natural Woman'