AJR, our favorite trio of music-making brothers, comprised of Adam, Jack and Ryan, are releasing their brand new EP '6Foot1' on Dec. 20. PopCrush is exclusively revealing the track listing for the EP along with the acoustic video for the song 'Growing Old on Bleecker Street,' which is featured on the release.

So it's a two-fer this Friday from your pals at PopCrush and those insanely talented boys known collectively as AJR.

In the video, the brothers are seated and performing. You get an intimate, front row seat to your own personal AJR show. It doesn't get any more awesome than that.

While early press has anointed the band the "next Jonas Brothers," we're going to say that AJR are so much more than that, musically speaking.

Their material is less poppy and more indie than the Jo Bros. We love 'em both, don't get us wrong! But AJR have more of a coffeehouse energy, lending more intimacy to their sound. The acoustic version of 'Growing Old on Bleecker Street' proves that. The personal, sincere nature of AJR's tunes could be what sends them down the same path as the Jo Bros, garnering them the same sort of intense dedication and devotion from fans!

The five-song track listing is below.

AJR '6Foot1' EP Track Listing

1. 'I'm Ready'
2. 'Woody Allen'
3. 'Growing Old on Bleecker Street'
4. 'AfterHours'
5. 'Buy You a Rose'