After a four-year hiatus, Akon is back with a new single called 'America's Most Wanted.' The Senegalese-born singer premiered the song first at the Miss USA pageant, which aired on NBC on June 3.

The tune boasts a fist-pumping club beat and charging synthesizers that you will find on any dance-pop track that's playing on radio today. On the track, Akon sings how his sweetheart's love and affection is so criminal. "See I'm not the type to get romantic / But you bring it all out of me / And I'm not the type to cuff my chick / But I'll make sure you won't leave," he sings.

The song's chorus goes "You' re America’s most wanted tonight / I'll do my 25 to life if I can have you by my side." Talk about being locked up in love.

We haven't heard from Akon since the release of his 'Freedom' album in 2008. The singer cites the record industry implosion for the delay of his fourth album 'Stadium.' With record labels consolidating and tightening their budgets, Akon felt that he should fall back and take a little break.

"The labels were all crashing and switching up staff," he tells Billboard. "There was a lot going on within the industry itself and a lot of changes were being made, so within that process, I kind of decided I wanted to push back until [they] got everything together."

Akon's new album 'Stadium' is due out on Sept. 11.

Listen to Akon, 'America's Most Wanted'

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